Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So many little time

Haven't gotten around to writing as many of these as I wanted to. Sorry. But I'll smack you with a few I've been saving up in the ol noggin real soon. But this lil one pretty much sums up what I'm feelin right now.

It's 1:05 am and I'm lying in bed. I'm exhausted, but my eyes won't close. This has been happening more and more these days. Tired with no sleep. I just lie in my empty room and stare at the dark. And I feel empty. I'm missing something aren't I? Isn't this what it feels like? Maybe I'm going about things the wrong way. Maybe I've sacrificed the wrong things in life.......maybe I haven't sacrificed enough? Maybe I should have done things differently. But what about the things now? Is this what I should do? I just don't know anymore. I'm tired of a quiet, dark, empty room at night, that only poses questions....when what I'm looking for are answers.