Thursday, November 30, 2006


Guys, guys, GUYS!

I'm totally gonna slam you with posts.....any second now.

wait for it.......WAIT FOR IT!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Only at 6:30am

One benefit of getting up early is the morning sky.

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I recently purchased a new "point and shoot" digital the Panasonic Lumix LX2 and I absolutely love it. The 16x9 option I am finding addictive.

I have a lot of Belated Blogs to post, I had my 10 year High School re-union, Joanne and I interviewed David Blaine, my friends and I had our second annual TURKEYFEST. I'll try to post them soon.

But for now, enjoy the day, it looks like it's gonna be a nice one.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday is SOOOO overrated

Black Friday is ridiculous. Yes, I was shopping this morning at 7am. Yes, there was a drastic increase in traffic and parking lot circling. But did I save a dime today? Barely. My little niece turns two on the 27th, so I needed to get her some B-day gifts today. I had a few items I wanted to pick up, and I definitely wanted to avoid the Waterford Crystal Mall like the plague, so I hit up Target first thing. I bought her some toys, two Shel Silverstein books (The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends), and myself the new Tenacious D album and threw myself into the mammoth line. But you know what, In under five minutes I was checking out in the express lane and walking out the door. All in all, I spent 15 minutes in there. I wanted to get her a few more books, and I forgot to get wrapping paper, so I headed across the street to Borders.

Borders was a ghost town, completely empty. I solicited the help of a sales agent to find the books I was looking for and hopped in line. Again, once I had made my selection, I was out the door in five minutes. It was in Borders that I saved a BIT of money, getting three Dr. Seuss books for the price of two, maybe a savings of $10.

Then I went to Best Buy to get an I-pod car charger / FM tuner so i could rock out to my tunes on the way to my 10 year High School re-union later this evening, not too mention on the way home, back to NY on Saturday. Now HERE, is where I ran into a REAL line. Waited 45 mins, but the line moved quickly, it was well organized, and there was plenty of stuff along the way for me to grab and look at (and buy, I purchased the classic TV special Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer).

But Again, I am sorry to say, overall, I got jack shit in savings. Where was the store wide 10% off deals....where were the blue light specials and red tagged items? Black Friday, you dissapoint. I beat you Black Friday....I beat your black ass into the ground.

I continued on to a little specialty toy store in Old Lyme, CT called BoweryBird, nice little store. They opened at 10am and I was there at 9:55am. I was walking out the door at 10:08am, arms full of fun bath toys. With my trunk wieghed down from all my present booty, I came to another realization. I have a problem. A disease I like to call SPOILHERROTTENITIS.

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But COME ON....can you look HER in the face and tell me she is not worth it! Look at this face!
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rain and Fiction

Thursday night I went to see Frances at the Cake Shop. And BOY was it raining. I mean, really coming down, cats and dogs style. I wondered what Neanderthal man did when it rained like this, back in the day. Did he fashion an umbrella of sorts, or did he just tough it out? A friend suggested they just took the day off and hung out in the cave. What do you think?

I had a lazy day today. There is nothing more pleasant and rejuvinating than lounging in bed until 3pm. Last night I discovered Lychee flavored Sake which to say the least was delicious and will be highly recommended by me.

Nothing says Holiday season approaching more than a cool fall day and a cup of Italian Hot Chocolate. That and a movie to round the day off and I'm in Heaven. I saw Stranger than Fiction and loved it. It is not often that I walk out of a movie and feel really, really good, and this is just the case. Will Ferrel was great, and it was just a really nice and smart story. I laughed out loud a few times. Maybe it was because I had a warm hand in my own that filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe it was the idea that an inanimate object could have feelings for it's owner. Or maybe it was the larger idea of accepting death, living life, and self-sacrifice.

Or maybe it was all the above. I left the theatre smiling and was happy to have had someone to smile with. Don't see this one by yourself, It's a great date flick.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back in the States

I'm back int the ol US. Had a blast in the BVI's. It was extremely difficult work but really rewarding. No rest for the weary though, I am officially working fulltime as a producer for I'm stoked. I'm also extremely exhausted from my long trip and playing some major catch up. I'm gonna try my best to keep up with this blog for all you folks out there. Give you the scoop om my day to day with Rocketboom and anything else that is going on.

I had the second best date of my life last night. I think that's blog worthy. No kiss and tell for me but I will say that the first best date was with the same girl.

Isn't it nice when someone comes out of seemingly nowhere and just knocks the wind right out of you? That is truly a nice feeling.