Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Lonseome Dove

So I'm badly in need of a cocktail, and I stumble across this new restaurant, only 3 months new, right by the RB Studio called:

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It looks quiet and warm. I saddle up to the bar (saddling mind you because it's a WESTERN Bistro) and order a foo-foo girly drink, that I am assured, despite it's pink nature, it is a stiff beverage:

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The "Lovestyle Martini" made with Plymouth Gin, Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur, Cranberry and Lime juice was delicious. So I figure, well, I might as well take a gander at the menu. The smell of food get's my stomach going, and I decide to reward myself for my efforts of the day with a solo meal. I order the Beef Tenderloin with a side of Asparagus:

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It was AMAZING. nothing pariculalry special about the Asparagus, but the STEAK...Oh man. Quickly took my second top spot, right below Peter Luger's The Cilantro butter with pepper on the top was so simple and delicious, and the meat so tender and cooked to a perfect Medium rare. I was very pleased. I devoured it in record time and decided...when in a western bistro do as the westerner's do. I order the national beer of Texas:

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Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. It's empty. Two girls walk in and I overhear them discussing Tuaca Liquor. I had previously been discussing this unkown liquor with the Bartender, Tejas (he didn't want to be pictured, but I must mention, he was extremely knowledgable and pleasant, one of those bartenders that takes pride in his work and knows when to strike a conversation with you and when to shut his mouth and let you fill yours, he rocked!) So I say to myself, "we shall all try Tuaca and be merry!" I order a shot for myself and "the ladies." We all enjoy it and I learn that one of them is from Texas and this is the big "shooter" of the region. I agree with the reviews, the potential for using this as a mixer, as well as sipping it straight is well founded. In short, I liked it.

So now, my "just one cocktail" has turned into a full blown meal. I'm feeling.....well....good, relaxed, and OK, a bit buzzed. I decide to peruse the desert menu....I'm not going to get anything mind you...I'm JUST going to LOOK AT IT:

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And LOOK, here it is! Damn, I ouldn't resist a new chocolate cake to try and an eggnog drink to top it off, it is, after all, the season for such drinks. This cake was absolutely delicious. You know after you've had a meal, and you get desert, and then you struggle to finish the desert and you kick yourself under the table saying...."why, why did I order this." Well, with this desert, you will not be troubled. Upon finishing this chocoalte concoction, i was amazed to find that it felt as if I hadn't had desert at all. The cake was delicious, but as opposed to a heavier piece, it was light and fluffy. Satisfying to the core but not FILLING. Again, I was very pleased.

It's not on their online menu so i will tell you what it is:
The Ancho Chile chocolate cake with tomatillo sabayon. The Martini is an Eggnog Martini shaken with Depaz rum served with a cinnamon sugar rim and sprinkled with nutmeg.

My hat off to you, Chef Tim Love, Tejas the Bartender, and Rachel Baumgartner (private dining coordinator) for providing me with one of the most satisfying meals that I never saw coming. I will see you again for sure and I will be bringing friends.....HEYAAAAAAA!

Longest day EVER

On Monday I had an extremely long day. Gigi, Rocketboom's new production coordinator and I headed up to Deer Park, NY, leaving Penn Station at 9am to do a story on Ice Sculpting:

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It was a lot of fun. Upon arriving back into NY at 3pm I rushed to the ITP exhibition at NYU. Drew and I surveyed a lot of amazing graduate student projects, some were featured in this rocketboom epsiode.

I was amazed by a lot of the stuff. Here's a funny shot of one of the projects, the "talking to yourself hat" click on the photo to see a few more:

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Now it's about 7pm, and I'm walking back to the studio to drop of the footage of ITP for the editor to begin cutting it together. I pass a store that I always want to go in, but never seem to remember that when it's open, don't know the name of it, but it's on 21st st., between 5th and 6th Ave, right near our studio:

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I would like to buy something there someday. Then across the street I hear a familiar noise that makes me cringe, "TERRY, TERRY OVER HERE! TO YOUR RIGHT! LOOK HERE TERRY....OVER HERE!"

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That's right, the sound of the paparazzi. I can't stand them. Their screaming, their whiny voices, their selfish attitude that they and they alone own the right to stand on a sidewalk and take photos. I was curious, I'M ALWAYS curious, as to who and what they are snapping at. I will even, quietly, calmly, raise my hand above my head in hopes to get some semblance of a shot of whomever it is.....but just for fun. Now, I saddled up to the side of the building, Duvet, again, across the street from our studio, and watched these crazed fiends drool over an actress/model that I was unfamiliar with. But what I was interested in most, was them. so I snapped one flash mind you, and they yell to me, "NO PHOTOS!" my mouth dropped.

You know what I did.....I took photo, after photo, after photo, just for the sake of saying (without actually talking), "hey you JERKS, you don't own the sidewalk, nor the right to photograph on the street, I, IAN SAVAGE, will take a photo of WHATEVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE." All this was accomplished with a simple push of a button. I walked away smiling. Knowing that i would not be followed for they dare not leave their precious post.

I dropped the footage off at the studio, imported it with the editor, walked out at 8pm, and realized, MAN, this has been a long day, I think I need a COCKTAIL! and that's when i stumbled across a new little gem, the The Lonesome Dove......worthy of a seperate post, coming right now!

Brunch with Abe

While working for the Children's Museum of the Arts I have been really lucky to have met and taught a lot of amazing kids. Kids today are so different from when we were their age, as i think is the case for all generations. The youth of today at age 7-11, some as early as 5, are already computing, animating, filming and recording....these guys are just huge sponges for technology. But all the technicial knowledge in the world, whether youth or adult, doesn't do you a scrap of good if you have no imagination.

The most amazing kid I've met is Abe:
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Abe is one of the smartest, and most imaginative kids on the planet earth. He has taken many classes with us from animation to filmmaking, sculpture to comics. He, to quote himself via a documentary of one of the classes, "loves to think up ideas." It is only too obvious that he is good at it as well! He never ceases to amaze me. I think his parents and the environment they have created around him play a large part in all this. His father is a producer for the radio show, Jazz @ Lincoln Center. The house is filled with old radios of many kinds, old records (vinyl!) in shelves to the ceiling, and a lot of blank paper for writing stories and comics. His pop is really into shortwave radio and I hope to feature him in a future rocketboom episode, I was fascinated by our discussion on shortwave....check this out, he uses a SLINKY as an antenna!

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They have an old House in Brooklyn, compared to my apartment it seemed a masion, in the sense that they had multiple rooms and three floors. They had some really interesting things inside that I had never seen, such as this speaking hole, in which you can talk into the hole in the wall and the "servants" in the kitchen could do what you bid of them:

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Mostly now they use it for kicks. They also had the remnants of a buzzer type device that was in the floor and was probably placed under the dining room table, where the "master" of the house could have stepped on said buzzer, to alert once again the "servants" in the kitchen that something was needed, without having to ever disrupt the dinner party.....fascinating!

I am just so pleased to have Abe and his parents in my life. Everytime I see Abe I leave with a smile on my face, a chuckle in my gut and my mind overflowing with new ideas. Thanks Abe, for keeping my brain on it's toe's.

And the posts begin...

I have been wanting to post on a few subjects lately, a few daily events I feel worth mentioning, so here we go. A day of a triple post!

I think I want to start a series, in which I post a photo of a sunset or a sunrise, taken from my window. Everyone loves a good sunrise/set! Here's one that looks a bit like a forest fire. Taken around 4:30pm this past Friday.

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Now, on friday morning i woke up and had been bitten by the bug. No. Not a bug of sickness, but a bug for SONG! The Karaoke bug. So that night we ventured to a new venue, a new singing frontier, at Karaoke 17

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Click on the photo to see more pics of us rocking out! After Karaoke Sheila took me to a new dining experience called Shabu Shabu at this restaurant:

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It was DELICIOUS and FUN. You get this boiling bowl of water and you throw in veggies and greens to make a broth and dip meat into it for like, 30 seconds, then dip the meat in a sauce, then rice, then you put it in your mouth. It was a lot of fun. And while reviewers complain of the wait, we showed up at 10:30pm on a Friday night, sat right down at the best table in the house (in the front booth, where you feel like your the only ones in the restaurant) ! The next morning I was on the train and ran into a reindeer:

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OK! Not a real reindeer, but I appreciated this woman's spirit. She struck up many a conversation with strangers on the subway, which I am also a big fan of doing (talking to strangers that is.) And finally for this post, I saw this graffiti in the subway and it reminded me of a piece that we recently featured on rocketboom with Mechanical Sculptor Stephen Gerberich

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Dr. Gerbeau did a piece called "Amer-o-matic" commenting on 9/11. Within the piece were several pencils sharpened down to the nub. The message being, "live life to the fullest." I like this image and the message attached. Let's all get out their and wear our pencils down to the graphite BABY! What have we got to lose? I'll tell you what...nothing, absolutely nothing!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

3 posts...coming to a blog near YOU!

I've had some long days, some fun days, and one gluttonous evening. I want to tell you about it. Coming soon to a Blog near you! (well...ok...THIS BLOG)


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Amazing Line Rider

A few weeks ago Rocketboom covered Line Rider in an episode or two. It is constantly going through changes and becoming more complex. I find it totally addicting, but also extremely hard....and thus....for me, frustrating. I can only imagine the time it took this guy/gal to do this.

By D4n3Train

Friday, December 15, 2006

America's Finest

So I was walking around today and came across this scene:

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Apparently America's finest isn't always at it's finest. This looked like a pretty bad wreck. Not sure who's fault it was, but I blame the men in blue. Don't get me wrong, I have NO problem with cops, they do a lot for everyone and have for me in the past. But honestly, how many times have you seen cops illegally parked, running red lights or speeding. Did you know that if their sirens aren't on they are bound by the same traffic laws as you and I. Sometimes I feel like sticking my head out of the window of the car and doing a "wooooowooooowoooo" sound. Citizen's Arrest!

Today my good pal Joe stopped by, we were working on a film class edit that is really awesome. I'll post it when it's done, it's HILARIOUS! So I grabbed a few of his business cards and scanned em in for his archives (of which I control and monitor.) I think they are just so freaking awesome!

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He also brought by a little clay rocketboom figure. We want to start incorporating him into the episodes as a regular character, on the news desk, talking with Joanne, pulling things out of his head. This guys is just a prototype:

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Ideally we would like to build a custom armature and make him out of lightweight aluminum (red) complete with little rivets and a hinged top. Anyone know of a good machinist or engineer?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Photo Essay of a Day in December

Shoot, I lapsed again. I get so many ideas for Blogs but have been scrambling around like a chicken with it's.....awww you know the phrase. Anyhoo, to make up for my lapse I have decided today to post a photo essay of sorts. Day in the life style. Click on the Photos for their relevant link! here we go.

So for Rocketboom, I need to be connected to the world wide web 24/7, in order to be able to approve rough cuts of the edits remotely. There have been a few cases where I haven't been near any wifi and thus, the editor had to wait on me. SOOOO, after having a lame, regular, STUPID phone I have had to upgrade to a new and improved, SMART phone. I have joined the Blackberry front.

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Noooo....that thing around my neck is NOT a result from technological whiplash, I think I slept on it wrong, it's actually been plagueing me for two weeks now, this stiff neck. I don't have an electric heat pad, so i had to buy some of THESE which is what I'm wearing. If anyone has a cure for stiff neck, please let me know.

Moving On

Every year I do most of my shopping at the Union Square Holiday Market and the Virgin Records across the street. Not only have is it extremeley convenient, and always succesful, but it makes for a heck of a nice holiday day. The Market, both Holiday and Farmer at Union Square always provides endless entertainment. Such as this:

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I had no idea there was such a thing, let alone it was a seasonal treat....."enjoy the little pearl of pure garlic!"
Keeping with the theme of Veggies, I also took note of this wonder:

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Apparently it is very good....wit BUTTER. But hey, isn't everything good with Butter. I like brussel sprouts with butter.
Continuing through the farmer's market I was struck with an image that transported me instantly to my childhood:

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I have the first season of Fraggle Rock on DVD, so if anyone needs to get me a Christmas present....I'll hold off on getting this. The themes and messages in this show are still, if not more relevant today. Jim Henson knew even then how important it would be to create a show that spanned the globe. In fact, it was the first show created in the US to be translated in Russian. i could go on and on about Fraggle Rock, but maybe another day.

But oddly enough, after I visited my childhood in the form of visions of doozer towers and song, I came across this booth that was most amusing, yet......

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CREEPY! They are just so still and motionless, with their mouths open and gaping.... I felt that they were watching me. i shuddered. Ok, so I bought some stuff at the market and left. I was close to the temporary Rocketboom office, so i decided to stop in and say hello.

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here we have Boom. The last remaining pet of our beloved trio Rocket, Boom, and Dot Com. I am looking into how to optimally care for goldfish so we can keep this guy going. Again, if anyone is wise in these matters, let me know. I love our temporary office. You walk into the lobby and the two men behind the desk have set up speakers, facing out, playing only the BEST Christmas album in the world, A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you don't own this album, please, spend the $7 and pick it up, you won't regret it. It instantly fills me with the holiday spirit. I thank Dale and Kevin everyday for playing non-stop. They are Brave men.....brave...but Wise.

So I leave the offices, and as it is with me, Mr. Impulse, I veered into one of my most favorite stores (without even thinking of it) and in under 5 minutes was walking out with a new bag.

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I have a thing with bags. I believe one must have a plethora of bags for many occasions. Sometimes I want a real small bag, to carry wallet, keys, phone, journal, and a pen. Sometimes I need a larger bag, to carry a laptop, a book, Ipod, and headphones. And sometimes I have a lot of camera gear and a tripod and I need an even BIGGER bag. Well whatver you need, the Bag House is the place to go. My mouth drools just thinking about all their bounty. Cause I am carrying around my laptop and digital camera everyday, i felt I needed to recruit a new soldier into my bag army. So I got, appropriately The Blogger. I'm quite pleased with it.

And finally, I will leave you with this. I saw it from across the street, as i was exiting said Bag House:

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I've never thought of Mrs. Clause as being a sex symbol. But like I said, it caught my eye.

The End :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Logos

So yesterday I had a morning meeting with my good friend Joe. Illustrator, artist extraordinare. We had both been whining for several months how we've been doing these B-day party + Bar Mitzvah gigs sans business cards. So I finally got these perforated ink jet sheets so we could design our own.

Joe is really an amazingly talented artist. This guy doesn't even have to think about it, it just comes naturally to him, I am extremely jealous. We designed him a simple card with a blank spot in the middle, leaving him room to do an original drawing on each. Here's the first two he did:

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Seeing how great his were, I decided I needed to get something out of this meeting, so I put him to work re-invigorating my own logo, the almighty, adaptable ROLLIBOAT. He came up with some killer designs:

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It took a bit of finagling of the print settings to figure out how to get the best print out, and they didn't always print centered, which is a bummer, but overall for $17 with a $5 rebate you can't beat the price.

Best Sunday EVER

Yesterday was a gloriously (cold) fun-filled day in Shelton, CT. The Clan gathered to partake in some good ol fashioned tailgating and some Christmas Tree Craziness.

Click the picture to view Photo's from the whole day
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A fun time was had by all, and I highly recommend you visit if your in the area, or HECK, even if your nowhere close, you should find a way. It made for an absolutely memorable holiday.....DAY! The subject at top of Blog links you to their site. In other news... I hereby declare today.....MAKE YOUR PARENTS PROUD DAY!

This is for my Mum:
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8 Shirts, 5 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of underwear (one longjohn's) and two pairs of socks for $201.44! An overal savings of $65 Mom. Check me out! My Mom will hopefully be proud that a) I purchased new clothes, as I have a tendency to wear my stuff into the ground and THEN six feet under that and b) the good deals.

I'd like to take this opportunity to Praise Old Navy. For years I could walk into an Old Navy, grab a pair of 32x30 Boot-cut jeans and walk out without even blinking. This perfect shopping relationship went on for many years, until Old Navy decided to fuck things up. They stopped carrying the jeans I liked in favor of the Boot-cut "special edition." Special Edition stands for twice as much money and comes with holes ALREADY in the jeans. I prefer to wear my own holes in, thank you very much. So I walk in to the store today, and head towards the jeans, finally, after maybe 2-3 years, I was going to purhase the overpriced monstrosities, as I have never found the Old navy's Boot-cut equal. WOAHHHHH! What's this?! Old Navy has brought back the original Boot-Cut! I was tickled. I was also tickled to find that I can now wear a 31x30. This opens me up for greater success in obtaining said jeans. I beleive 32x30 is always a popular size and difficult for me to find, so with the extra waistline option, I am very pleased.

This is for my Pop:
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My Father once said to me that "having a lot of keys is a sign of responsibility." Well Dad, I have 20 keys on my chain, and I'm feeling PRETTY DARN RESPONSIBLE.

Well, I've had a long but productive's off to the sack for me. Till the morrow.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Guys, guys, GUYS!

I'm totally gonna slam you with posts.....any second now.

wait for it.......WAIT FOR IT!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Only at 6:30am

One benefit of getting up early is the morning sky.

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I recently purchased a new "point and shoot" digital the Panasonic Lumix LX2 and I absolutely love it. The 16x9 option I am finding addictive.

I have a lot of Belated Blogs to post, I had my 10 year High School re-union, Joanne and I interviewed David Blaine, my friends and I had our second annual TURKEYFEST. I'll try to post them soon.

But for now, enjoy the day, it looks like it's gonna be a nice one.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday is SOOOO overrated

Black Friday is ridiculous. Yes, I was shopping this morning at 7am. Yes, there was a drastic increase in traffic and parking lot circling. But did I save a dime today? Barely. My little niece turns two on the 27th, so I needed to get her some B-day gifts today. I had a few items I wanted to pick up, and I definitely wanted to avoid the Waterford Crystal Mall like the plague, so I hit up Target first thing. I bought her some toys, two Shel Silverstein books (The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends), and myself the new Tenacious D album and threw myself into the mammoth line. But you know what, In under five minutes I was checking out in the express lane and walking out the door. All in all, I spent 15 minutes in there. I wanted to get her a few more books, and I forgot to get wrapping paper, so I headed across the street to Borders.

Borders was a ghost town, completely empty. I solicited the help of a sales agent to find the books I was looking for and hopped in line. Again, once I had made my selection, I was out the door in five minutes. It was in Borders that I saved a BIT of money, getting three Dr. Seuss books for the price of two, maybe a savings of $10.

Then I went to Best Buy to get an I-pod car charger / FM tuner so i could rock out to my tunes on the way to my 10 year High School re-union later this evening, not too mention on the way home, back to NY on Saturday. Now HERE, is where I ran into a REAL line. Waited 45 mins, but the line moved quickly, it was well organized, and there was plenty of stuff along the way for me to grab and look at (and buy, I purchased the classic TV special Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer).

But Again, I am sorry to say, overall, I got jack shit in savings. Where was the store wide 10% off deals....where were the blue light specials and red tagged items? Black Friday, you dissapoint. I beat you Black Friday....I beat your black ass into the ground.

I continued on to a little specialty toy store in Old Lyme, CT called BoweryBird, nice little store. They opened at 10am and I was there at 9:55am. I was walking out the door at 10:08am, arms full of fun bath toys. With my trunk wieghed down from all my present booty, I came to another realization. I have a problem. A disease I like to call SPOILHERROTTENITIS.

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But COME ON....can you look HER in the face and tell me she is not worth it! Look at this face!
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rain and Fiction

Thursday night I went to see Frances at the Cake Shop. And BOY was it raining. I mean, really coming down, cats and dogs style. I wondered what Neanderthal man did when it rained like this, back in the day. Did he fashion an umbrella of sorts, or did he just tough it out? A friend suggested they just took the day off and hung out in the cave. What do you think?

I had a lazy day today. There is nothing more pleasant and rejuvinating than lounging in bed until 3pm. Last night I discovered Lychee flavored Sake which to say the least was delicious and will be highly recommended by me.

Nothing says Holiday season approaching more than a cool fall day and a cup of Italian Hot Chocolate. That and a movie to round the day off and I'm in Heaven. I saw Stranger than Fiction and loved it. It is not often that I walk out of a movie and feel really, really good, and this is just the case. Will Ferrel was great, and it was just a really nice and smart story. I laughed out loud a few times. Maybe it was because I had a warm hand in my own that filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe it was the idea that an inanimate object could have feelings for it's owner. Or maybe it was the larger idea of accepting death, living life, and self-sacrifice.

Or maybe it was all the above. I left the theatre smiling and was happy to have had someone to smile with. Don't see this one by yourself, It's a great date flick.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back in the States

I'm back int the ol US. Had a blast in the BVI's. It was extremely difficult work but really rewarding. No rest for the weary though, I am officially working fulltime as a producer for I'm stoked. I'm also extremely exhausted from my long trip and playing some major catch up. I'm gonna try my best to keep up with this blog for all you folks out there. Give you the scoop om my day to day with Rocketboom and anything else that is going on.

I had the second best date of my life last night. I think that's blog worthy. No kiss and tell for me but I will say that the first best date was with the same girl.

Isn't it nice when someone comes out of seemingly nowhere and just knocks the wind right out of you? That is truly a nice feeling.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Boy oh boy, it's been a while, old friend. You rascally blog you. I have neglected you, I know. There, there, it's alright.

Don't cry :)

Anyhoo. I'm keeping myself busy. I have added some new links of to the right there. I got two, count 'em TWO MY SPACE pages. I've been working for ROCKETBOOM.COM and a few photographers, mainly, Ken Kochey. He's great. We are going to the BVIslands at the end of the month for a photo shoot. It's going to be wicked. I broke up with my girlfriend :(

So......(geez this is awkward) have YOU been?


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mmmm...Glutius Maximus.

This past Saturday I visited the Bodies Exhibit at the Southstreet Seaport Museum (title is linked). I am not a squeamish person, but I tell you, there was 2 minutes in the beginning where I thought I might not be able to go through there. The Bodies exhibit is an exhibit of real people, their bodies have been preserved by replacing all the water with a polymer. The first thing I saw made me really think. A human body where I could see all the bones and muscle and organs that you and I have within. And our muscles look just like meat.

We are meat.

I mean, upon staring at the muscles, i could think of nothing else than the countless cuts of Beef I have consumed in my life. To some degree, it justifies cannabalism for me. I mean, we are animals on this planet, juts like the ones we eat. Animals attack and eat humans, and I certainly don't blame them. And if I were marooned on a cold mountain in the alps after having survived a plane crash, I would not think twice about cutting a slice from my friends ass to survive. We are, after all, just made of meat like any other animal.

But once I was able to put the image of that out of my mind, the exhibit was truly amazing. I learned a lot about my body, OUR bodies. Most interesting was to see what our blood vessels looked like. MAN we have a lot of blood vessels. To see a glowing, floating shape, all red, in the shape of an arm, was really cool. The section on conception and birth, showing the stages of pregnancy from week to week was also amazing. It would make any pro-abortionist think twice about their decisions. When you see how fast we develop into a little tiny person, the size of the tip of my pinky ( I think 4 weeks).

So, if you live in the NY area, you should check it out. If you have a week stomach....don't. Pay the extra $5 for the audio tour, and try not to go on the weekend, it's a madhouse. I'd like to share with you some interesting tid-bits of info I walked away with:

- Muscles provide heat to maintain body temperature. We shiver to warm up.
- If all our muscles could work together, we could lift 10 tons.
- A baby has 300 bones, an adult has 206.
- Children's bones grow faster in the spring.
- The human brain is 80% water.
- Nerve cells create electrical impulses that reach speeds exceeding 270 mph.
- Every drop of blood passes through the heart once per minute.
- There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body.
- Every woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have at birth, 250,000.
- The largest cell in a woman's body is her egg, the smallest cell in a man's body is his sperm.
- After conception, everyone spends one half hour as a single cell.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A very simple question...maybe someone knows the answer. Why is it, that on my MAC, I can't link things. But on my PC, I can link things. Vice Versa, on my PC, I can't upload images so easy, BUT, on the MAC, no problems there.

What gives?!

And Bob Jinglehopper....if you read this, no need to make any snide remarks on how MAC's are stupid...cause it just doesn't answer the question.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hey...I have a BLOG!

It's not that I forgot I had one, but it seems like that. I haven't written in a long time. Mostly because every spare moment I've had I have found something to do. It wasn't until someone googled my name, and my blog came up that it dawned on me. Oh YEAH! I do have a blog.

My life is undergoing an overhaul right now. And by my life, I mean, me. I'm overhauling myself. Big changes. More focus.

I have wasted so much time here in New York. Well. Maybe wasted is the wrong word. I have misplaced much of my time. So. I have decided, to now, only focus on the things that will further myself in my career. No more jobs that are not related directly to my field. If it's not directing, photographing, filming, editing, or animating...I won't do it. Of course, today I worked two B-day parties at the Children's Museum, but if I have nothing booked, why not make some money working with kids.

So what have I been up to? Well, for starters, I updated my website:

It's my first crack at designing a website all on my lonesome. I have also been working on a few other's for friends. I'll post them too, when they are more complete. I am working as a freelance assistant to a photographer and focusing very hard n getting more freelance film work (hence, the website overhaul.)

I am also quite domesticated these days. I have a beautiful girlfriend whom I'm very serious about, and she has been a great source of support and guidance for me in my new path. But she also goes to bed early, and now, so do I. Early to bed, early to rise...isn't that what they say. I never fancied myself a morning person, but you know, it's alright. I find productivity runs high in the wee hours of the morn.

So speaking of bed...I'm off to it. And if you happen to have a myspace thing going, I joined that bandwagon too, so throw me a friend request!

Talk to you later.