Friday, May 13, 2005

Out to Reykjavik.....back at 1pm

Sorry my blog dropped of the face of the earth. I certainly have missed it. And now, your just going to get a tease of a blog. I have been really, really, really, busy. Amazingly busy. After months and months of unemployment, I am making up for it by working in probably the most challenging and difficult job I have had to date. Suuuuuurrreee, you could say I have a great job, if all you hear is that I'm an Associate Producer for a television series about TRAVEL. Suuuuurrrreee, you could so I am so lucky becuase I happen to be going to Iceland for 5 days (leaving tomorrow night.)

But MAN! It's like nothing I have done before. I certainly won't get into the rambling details of the job now, I'm already overdue to be in bed as it is.

But I did want to take the quick opportunity to say thanks to all of you still clicking your bookmark, to see if I'm still here. I am. Thanks to all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday, which was last Friday. I had a great 27th birthday, which I'd love to highlight at a later date.

But for now, I have to get packin for Iceland, and get to the office real early so I can sit at my desk and continue to print things and put things in binders and answer e-mails and phone calls and try to convince myself.....that I'm actually qualified to be doing this job, and that I'm actually ready to go.

Here goes Nothin!! Talk to you when I get back.

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