Monday, September 19, 2005

weird dream

I awoke several times this morning, realizing I was having a very abnormal dream. I would wake to my alarm, hit the snooze, and proceed to go right back into the dream where I left off. I don't remember my dreams that often anymore, but this one in particular was odd and vivid.

It was the day I was to be married. My bride was a girl I knew from high school Kristy Moreau. She was a petite blonde. I knew her well enough, but never had anything going on with her, so it was odd, that 10 years later, that I am dreaming that we were to be married. The thing was, that on our wedding day, I completely blanked. I am there in my tux, she is looks beautiful, all my friends and family are there.....but the THING is.....I don't remember her. I know who she is, but I tell her that I am confused because I don't remember anything about our relationship, where and when we met, how long we were together, when we moved in together, when I proposed....nothing. I don't remember any of it, not a thing. So we postpone the wedding, on the day of the wedding, and the rest of the dream is mostly conversations with her trying to remember, piece together our relationship, hoping it will spark some memory. I finally awoke, never having remembered anything from our relationship, but feeling extremely bad about it all.

Any Psychiatrists out there? What the heck does this dream mean I wonder.


Bob Jingle said...

Maybe it has to do with the fact that she figures so prominently in our Video Yearbook as a hypnotized translator of the aliean language of Chachi.

Or maybe you woke up with a huge boner?

Rain Delay said...

I think it means that you like men, which is fine.

Anonymous said...

Are rain delay and bobo jingle for real?

Rain Delay said...

Actually no.. we are fictional characters that Savage created... it is all part of his master plan to dominate the blog universe.

Anonymous said...

What? No Bobo Jingle or Rain Delay. I was hoping to hang out with you guys one day.

Woman with a Secret said...

That is a bizaar dream. In my expert opinion (yeah, lol) you are thinking about something in your waking hours that you are regretting you didn't handle differently.