Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Best Camera

I wanted to share with you my newest obsession, the I-phone App Best Camera and it's accompanying online community.

I have long used several I-phone applications to edit my I-phone photos, as well as upload them to twitter and facebook and flickr and such. But recently I glanced over the article headlines on and came across an article about the Best Camera app, designed by photographer Chase Jarvis. And I can honestly say, it is totally awesome. I have done little else with my free time but spend it with this application. I even went back into my archives, from Day ONE of my I-Phone days, picked all my favorites, loaded them into the phone and then edited them, and uploaded them to the best camera community and at the same time, a new flickr set. And it was all SO EASY.

Thank you Chase Jarvis, for an amazing application. If I could make three requests, it would be simply to allow you to personalize your home page's address, to be able to search for a photographer by name on the Photographer's page, and finally, and what I would like to see the most, is a simple NEXT and PREVIOUS button, when scrolling through your (and other's) images.

Here's the Flickr set of all my faves:

Get the flash player here:

If you have any interest in I-Phone Photography, definitely take a look at this application (only $3) and the community. Chase also has a book out, "The Best Camera is the one that's with you." Which is really nicely done, a great coffee table book and source of inspiration.

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