Friday, January 12, 2007

Rev. Ian Phipps Savage

This past saturday, Sheila and I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the exhibitions by Annie Leibovitz and Ron Mueck. Annie Leibovitz's exhibit was super packed, annoyingly so. It was very hard to maneauver around and see everything. Ron Mueck's exhibit, by nature was very widely spread out and amazing.

Amazingly, Bizarrely AWESOME!

You were NOT supposed to be taking photographs. Of course, this is posted on signs, on the internet, and strictly enforced. Of course, you can always do it secret-like. But people who don't know any better would snap one with a flash, thus alerting guards to their actions (idiots). Although, I think that technique could also be used as a distraction tactic......hmmmmm. I got caught twice, even without using my flash. The first time I looked around and missed the guard, didn't see her. The second time I was trying to fool her, but she was clever and on to my scheme. She could see that i was "sizing up" my shot and just looked at me and shook her head. I put up my hands and smiled, DEFEATED. But not before I snapped a few:

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I took a look at the book in the gift shop, but was not pleased. The magic of these pieces comes from, not only their detailed realism, but mostly for me, their scale. I enjoyed looking at people, looking at the sculptures. The juxtaposition of the real and the unreal. The line was so thin at times. Sculptures just minutely scaled down, but then also drastically so, as well as on a larger scale. Words do not do it justice. If you can go see it before it closes on February 4th.....YOU MUST. Let me know what you think.

In other news. I am now a Reverend.

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And you could be too, let's ALL become Reverends. The process was very simple, fill something out online, they check your address and name to make sure that they are real and that's it. I have an official id card, and "clergy only" parking pass. I can perform marriage rites, funeral rites, baptisms, name blessings and affirmations of love. I think it's pretty wild. I hold no religious beleiefs really. I'm agnostic. But I support the ideal that ANYONE should have acess to marry a couple or perform funeral rites and so on. So if you'd like to get married, let me know :) I have always had a distaste for organized religions. How can all of them be right or any of them be wrong? I pick and choose my beliefs from multiple philosophies and faiths. If you look at the definition of Religion HERE, Number 6 says that YOU can decide what you believe in and it is thus, a religion. Art is my religion. Living is my religion. friendship is my Religion. Love is my religion.

This post has become massive. Just wanted to quickly say, I've seen some movies recently. Here are some quick reviews:

Night at the Museum= Blahhhh, but good for kids.
Eragon= Crap, unbelievable, tear causing CRAP.
Children of men= Awesome on all counts.
Pan's Labyrinth= Pretty good, not what I expected. Beautifully filmed.


Jinglehopper said...

I like that the minister picture has the outline of someone behind you, like you're using the sign to block them out of the picture. I'm sure that's a metaphor for something... but I have no idea what.

Anonymous said...

Congrats your Reverendship