Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Schwag = Free Shit

Episode TWO of our Web Series, "Schwag = Free Shit" is up right here:

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Another Hilarious episode (if I may be so bold) brought to you by Casimir Nozkowski, Dallas Penn, Rafi Kam and myself.

We have been working SO HARD on this stuff, it's nuts. 18-20 hours a day. I'm a bit worn, but it's been a lot of fun. Last night I got a chance to listen to a really great panel discussion at Slamdance. It was about self distribution via the internet and led by one of the cofounder's of Slamdance, one of the Russo Brothers and some real life idols of mine, Susan and Arin from Four Eyed Monsters.

Here they Are, discussing the future of the internet and YOU. Oh, did I mention the panel took place in a Hot Tub....I don't think I did:

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Here's a screen shot of the interview after the jacquzi panel, this time on a couch.

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These guys are so incredibly smart and New Media savvy. It has been the highlight for me so far to get to meet them, hear them speak and shake their hands.

Yes, even more of a highlight than interwebbing in the same room as MC Hammer

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Did I ask him what time it was? Of course I did. I don't think I even NEED to tell you his reply.
Stay tuned for more exciting "Internets Celebrities" Episodes and more Sundance posts when I can scrape the time.

P.S. The MC Hammer joke belongs to my lady...and I totally snaked it from her, thanks BABE!

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