Friday, July 08, 2005

Been a while

I am alive and still here. I have been busy trying to pull myself together with all my endeavors, trying to hammer down some more concrete direction in my life. I have taken up painting, and I have started a regular excersize routine to shed some unwanted flab in the belly. I Dance Dance Revolution everyday, or try to anyway. I do work up a sweat and it's easy to stick to cause it's in my living room. I'm eating less sweets and more good for you stuff. Sushi everyday for lunch has been nice.

I went to Belize and Guatemala a while back. It was wonderful there. I took some horseriding lessons upon my return. I bought a hammock in Guatemala. Hammocks are the bomb. The Barista has been accepted into the Woods Hole Film festival. That's good, so I look forward to taking a little time out in Cape Cod at the end of the month for that. Go up there and meet some people, network, build sandcastles.

I went to a traditional Indian wedding over the July 4th weekend, in Chicago, Illinois. It was a beautiful ceremony, sincere and abound with symbolic rituals. So much better than the Catholic snoozefest.

How's everyone else doing?

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back into the blogging, I've missed it. Iceland , Belise, Chicago ?
I want to travel too!