Friday, July 22, 2005


I am extremely fortunate to have family and friends who have always been supportive, walked with me through the hardest times of my life, as well as the greatest joys.

I know it is doubly rare that a lot of my friends I have known from nursery school, grade school, most through high school, even more through college, and even now, either live in the same city or keep in touch with on a regular basis.

Staring with the pink shirt moving clockwise: Bern, Mephistopholes, Linds, Jeremy, Dizzle, and Adam

I would like to single out a very special lady. Throw out a lil Shout Out. She checks my blog everyday and often comments.

She just had a Birthday on Saturday and a whole bunch of us went to celebrate with her at her new house in Hamden, CT, an old haunt of mine. I went to Photography school like down the street from where she lives now. She is always giving me shmack for not commenting on her comments, so I thought I’d give her MAD PROPS and right her a whole blog!!

I’m very jealous, she has a whole house and other than the initial cost of down payments and lawyer fee’s, she doesn’t pay that much more than I do in NY, for renting my apartment in “Murderville.”

Bern is one of the most fun ladies I know. She knows how to laugh and laugh right!

Here is a picture of her making the “Best ever face,” all it takes is a shot of Bern’s open mouth at any location for an evening or event or bowl of Jell-O to become………”the Best Jell-O EVER.” In this particular case, it’s “the best fudgy the whale and Cookie puss b-day cakes EVER.”

We had a grand old time, playing wiffle ball and an ultra competitive game of Bocce.

Note here the seriousness of the game as we are measuring whose closer with a stick. Red team kicked ASS.

We went to Ikea the next day, where I purchased a Poang Chair, specifically as a “thinking, relaxing, and reading chair.” It’s no Leather Chaise lounge, but it was affordable.

We also went to see the documentary, “March of the Penguins.” I really liked it. It was slow at times, but the story, narrated by Morgan Freeman was really interesting. I highly recommend that you go see it. I also highly recommend that you see it when your not tired or have been drinking, because while under the influence, the movie has the ability to easily slip you right into a comma if your not careful.

Damn you Morgan Freeman…why do you have to be so soothing?!


Rain Delay said...

I concur with Sav dawg... Bern is a solid... now she just needs to get a blog...

DO IT!!!

Ian Savage said...

yeah, and she needs to learn to drop solids in public.....or she's gonna make herself SICK one of these days.

What!? Too graphic?

Bernadette said...

WOW!!! I am honored to be a part of this blog. You guys are awesome and quite the bocce players. But I would have to say that brunch and a movie the next morning was my favorite part of the weekend. And...laughing as I always do, where I can't breathe.
Thanks Ian.
And I still won't poop in strange places, I'll just talk about it alot.

Ian Savage said...

You must POOP! Pooping in public is the coolest!

Rain Delay said...

Poopin' in public is actually an art form that can only be achieved through accepting the fact that sometimes stinky things come out of your arse!!!


MostlyModest said...

My dad lives in Hamden. I should introduce him to Bern and Jeremy. Best friends forever potential = off the charts.

Bob Jingle said...

Is there any way to rotate that top picture? Other than that, you sir, are the King of Run-On Blog Sentences.

Ian Savage said...

I can't figure out why it's like that. Is it in the code? You got any ideas Mr. smarty pants?

Bob Jingle said...

I haven't played around with the picture thingy yet. Just didn't know if you were aware.

And I just shat my smartypants.

ps. Bern smells like poop.