Friday, July 08, 2005

Some Pics of Iceland and Belize

Now that Blogger has a new Image uploader, I am able to post photo's from the mac laptop. It's wicked easy, I'm glad they did it JUST for me. So nice of them.

Sweating my ass off in Belize. We are on an island about 1/3 of an acre, an hour from the shore of Placencia. For only $300 US a night, you too can stay on this island and do nothing but eat, drink, sleep, snorkel, drink some more then take a nap.

I am making a funny pose at the Blue Lagoon, a spa created from the excess heat generated from my ass...I mean the geothermal plant behind me.

Cinematographer Jeff Fisher and Sound Man Extraordinaire Mike Ryan, on the top of Vatanjokul Glacier in Iceland

This guy was great. Just off a main road in Dangriga, Belize. He has been weaving that Ottoman for over a year. He was probably the happiest guy I have ever seen. Very proud, friendly, and kind enough to bless us all.


Lovely Lisa said...

I need a vacation-- can I go next time with you???
just kidding...those pics are great. Look at the views. I wish I got to travel like that.
Really like your blog

Ian Savage said...

Thanks Lisa! Glad to have you visiting my blog :)