Monday, August 08, 2005

The Healing Waters of Hopeville Pond: Deux

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This is Jeremy, doing what we call, the "Waterbird." Look at his wings of water! We had a blast in the pond. Some of us got water in our ears, I'm still waiting for mine to come out :( , some of us went underwater and lay on our backs to look at the sun, and some of us got nibbled on by fish.

My second purchase for camping was my new camping vest. I have been lookinf for a vest like this for years. Light enough to be worn in the summer, with as many pockets as I could find. Picked this badboy up at an army navy surplus store, it's a fishing vest. It held my wallet, cell phone ( which remained off for the entire trip) matches, lighter, camera, Deet, Afterbite, my utensils, a gerber, some Ibuprofen. I'm sure there were other things as well. I have flour all over me, and for good reason our dessert Pizza. We made this after Breakfast on the last day. We had been discussing it the night before but never got around to it. Sure, we did smores too, but like I said, we like to up the anty every year in the "kitchen." We also make fluffer nutters with marshmallows and peanut butter on a hot dog bun. But this pizza was loaded. Rolled out with flour, and then sprinkled with sugar. Once one side was done, we took it off and plastered it with Peanut Butter "sauce", sprinkled it with Marshmallow "cheese" and then for good measure threw on some pieces of chocolate, crumbles up "Twist-os" which are like oreo's and then put on some Vanilla Wafer "pepperoni's."

Some of us didn't feel to good after, especially the ones who washed it all down with Grape Soda. But it was delicious nonetheless....delicious and SO bad for us.

All in all, the whole weekend cost each person $50. That was for all day Friday, Saturday, and half of Sunday. Pretty cheap if you ask me. That covered all the food, cost of the campsite, and even all our "Road Soda's, " which is code for Beer, because your not supposed to bring in alcohol.

I had a blast, and am very bummed to be back in the big city. But hey, only 364 days until we do it again!


Bern said...

This weekend was perfect! I have to say I was feeling a little homesick on Sunday night when I was actually home instead of at the campsite. And, regretting that I never did get a Hopeville Hurler!

Bob Jingle said...

I'm still thinking about that pizza. It was damn good.

Let's go again next weekend. Wait, no let's go camping every weekend. Wait no, let's live at Hopeville pond for the whole summer! Who's with me?

Ian Savage said...

YESSSSS to Camping next weekend. YESSSS to giving you a Hopeville Hurler, but I'd have to ok it with Jeremy. Maybe he does the screwing part, and I just provide the vomit.....wait a second...does that make it a DT Hopeville Hurler?

God, that was funny....and gross....but also funny.

I had pizza today.....and it SUCKED! :( said...

Camping sounds like fun man! the vest bud!

Sask 1 said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and such healthy food as well