Thursday, August 04, 2005

I am a man of my word

I am a man of my word, as you can see. Although I did only get two donuts as opposed to three. But watch what happens next. Chocolate cream is my 3rd favorite donut. Boston Cream my 2nd, and Chocolate Frosted, but only from Flanders Bakery in East Lyme is my number one pick. I just don't get this...

This Chocolate Cream donut has no chocolate inside. Now, I just want to can this happen. There is someone in charge of making the donuts, are they not consist, or checking, or do they just don't care? I guess maybe I wouldn't care if I had to make donuts everyday at like 4 am. But then hey, maybe they shouldn't be making donuts if they don't care. This is NOT the first time this has occured, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Quick update form the Bed-Stuy Bulletin. I came home at about 11:30 pm tonight. There were cop cars slowly rolling down the street, not one but two. Then I'm standing outside my place, talking to my neighbor and the security guard who watches the new building next door, and a cop strolls by with a flashlight. I inquire to my neighbors. Apparently I missed some cops chasing down a drug dealer who just got in a shipment. He ditched his stash, so they were looking for it. Well....ok, not surprised there I guess. I was surprised however to find out that they didn't get him, because the cop was a large man. From the giggling from my neighbor, it must have been a comical sight to witness a spry, young, athletic drug dealer sprint through the street followed by a very large man who, as she put it, "looked like he was barely moving. Like he was runnin in slowmo."

Sigh. Ghetto Fabulous my friends, Ghetto Fabulous

Going camping this weekend with some friends in CT, so i bought a Thermarest and a portable hammock today. Super excited to see these in action. I also went to see the movie "Stealth." it was to my surprise, pretty good. It had one of the best visual explosions I have seen since "Swordfish," and one of the wierdest end lines I have EVER heard in a movie. Now I'm not saying they should have ended the film on this note, per say, but I applaud the Director for sticking to what was obviously a choice on his part.

This line might ruin this film in a sense, that is, if you go to see an action movie and are expecting or hoping to get a love story to boot.

The line was from the female lead to the male lead, "Just tell me you love me you pussy." annnnnnd CUT TO: BLACK.

Hilarious I say, Hilarious!

Also of note, i have added a few new links, most notably to the blog section. Take a gander if you like.


Jon Donahue said...

Boston Creme is the best!

Jon Donahue said...

...Or is it spelled, Boston CREAM?...who cares?!

MostlyModest said...

2 donuts + 1 day = 2 chicks' phone numbers. I'm more familiar with the inverse relationship between donuts and sex.

Anonymous said...

keep the blogs coming