Tuesday, August 02, 2005


This is me outside of the "Captain Kidd" Bar in Woods Hole. This lovely hat, purchased for $20 dollars was lost to me the very next day. It had a short but fulfilling life on my head I'm sure. I wonder where it is now?

Woods Hole was awesome. I had the best of times up there, it is quintesential New England. The Barista was received very well, and I believe it has a chance at the winning. There were a few that could give us a run for our money, so we'll just have to wait and see. A whole bunch of us went up together, we stayed in "Tent City," people came from all over, New hampshire, New York, New Haven. Pretty much any place starting with the word "New."

The icing on the whole trip for me, was our extremely awesome and gracious hosts, Chris Meani and his lady Kristen (apologies if misspelled) They became our local guides, showing us all the nooks and crannies and hot spots of the area. They opend their yard to our tents and their grill to our stomachs. Beer flowed like water. Chris even flyered and promoted The Barista ahead of time, and did a kick ass job if I do say so myself. I saw flyers all over and in all the right places. Those two, very simply, rock my world.

After the film festival party we were all eager to go skinny dipping in the ocean. Unfortunatley, It wasn't meant to be as we were stopped by a very sneaky guard, sitting in the darkness of night, keeping the WH beaches safe. So, we opted instead for a midnight (or more approximatley 2 am) stroll. I was in heaven! it was really foggy, dark, and the roads were all covered in a tree canopy. Who knew walking could be such a blast. I snapped this of the group while lying on the ground for steadiness.

Me at the Beach the last morning. That's Kristen and Chris there behind me. I thought it was funny shot, Kristen's tongue sticking out was of course just pure luck, but it makes this shot what it is. The group we convened with up there belong to my friend Adam. It is a shame we have not met these peeps before, as we all got along like old friends immediately, even if most of us were meeting for the first time. I love it when that happens. We were up very late both nights. At least until 4 in the morning. Much shenanigans occured as illustrated from these photo's below

Rob illustrates here that middle fingers were flying like mosquitoes and one beer at a time just stopped making sense. This guy was a hoot, and he almost died of sal manila. I didn't get to hear the story, but it sounds pretty crazy. I'm glad he pulled through. He was however unlucky enough to NOT get to go skinny dipping and to have to leave at 7 am Sunday morning. Ouch.

And this lady here, what can I say. I mean, she is eating plastic forks! Her name was Gusty, a very cool nick name for I believe Agustus. I could have posted a whole slew of even funnier pictures than this one, but i thought that would not be fair to her. She was however, often, the life of the party and entertainment, so I did want to introduce you.

The whole trip made me think, yet again, of other things i could be doing in my life. I could work on the Liberte, a three mast, 74', sailing vessel that leaves out of Falmouth. Or another sailing ship. I have always wanted to learn to sail. I have sailed a few times before, but to make it a lifestyle would be wicked. Sailing for me is the ultimate freedom. You have the boat, and logistically, if you know what your doing, you can go anywhere.

I'll throw it into my "bank" of ideas for the future. I am seriously thinking about pursuing real estate in New York, become a broker. It sounds like a good job, suited to my personality, with the possible paycheck to match. if I could do that for a year or two, I might be able to squeeze myself out of this city and be financially secure at the same time. That would be nice.


Lovely Lisa said...

you always go on some great trips, from what I see. Here you talk about real estate, and yes, its fun and all, but you get to see places I might never. I wish we could retire early, ya know? Retire at 30, travel the world, see everything possible, and then go back and say, "Okay, now I think I am bored so I choose to go back to work."

Bob Jingle said...

That sounds like a great idea, Lisa.

I like the pics, Ian. Too bad about the rotating, blogger needs to figure that shit out.

Ian Savage said...

That sounds like a plan to me...now all we need is a shitload of money. Yeah, i wish I could figure out how to post verticals. Anyone have any clue, send out the word.

And just noticing you guys both commented within the same 5 mins......wierd and weirder!