Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ocean City

Just so you don't think that I am totally lost, I should have posted this yesterday, before all the sorrow. This weekend I spent two days down in Ocean City at my good friend's family summer casa. I had a blast.

this is the whole crew, feasting on homemade wine, kielbasa's, sausages, brocoli and pasta salad. Grappa, coffee, and canoli's for dessert.

After dinner we headed to the boardwalk. We had frozen custard, we thought about doing one of those old time photo's, but they were closing and being jerks. We rode the ferris wheel, shown here in this cool shot i took from my stomcah. Overall I really was psyched to be there, it was inspiring my visual eye to pop out of my head. Upon previewing most of my shots I was pleased, but of course you can never tell if they are in focus until you dump them from the camera, alas, my little cybershot might be reaching the end of it's life.

I love this shot, and the three others that I took that were similar. This swing ride has always been my favorite out of all rides. I like how it looks like a giantic mechanical mushroom from Alice in Wonderland...maybe with a bit of an S&M spin with the chains.

Now we're actually on the thing. I believe we had a few sceptics, that did not think it was "adult" enough to get on. everyone changed their mind when they realized this thing went a lot faster, or felt like it did, than when we were all little kiddies. Joe is in the front, then Linds, and the green blob is my pal Ad.

Last day on the beach, I bought a giant shovel, all the kids had them. We worked with Joe, the master sculptor to create a whale, complete with a 3-D tail. It didn't last long, but long enought to draw a small crowd. The beach there was a blast. Adam and i played tennis ball, a game entirely made up by us, where you throw the tennis ball and try to dive to get it. The next day we played "Kadima" the paddle ball game. Yesterday I noticed that my right forearm is about 50% bigger than my left, probably from all the throwing and hitting in the two days, it's all swelled up.

The last night we couldn't help ourselves (well, most of us, Lindsay was a straight up party pooper) we had to hit Atlantic City before we left. Paul had been schooling me over the weekend with the rules and strategy of Craps, so we hit the $10 tables as soon as we could. I started with $40, he started with $200. After the first two rolls, his and mine, we were both up, I believe I was up $60 (up being profit, not including what I started with). But after 30mins of bad rollers I lost all my profit and my $40. So.....having time left before the 12:20am bus back to NY, I grabbed another $40. This one lady was hot, and at the end of the night I was back up. I cashed in my chips for $168, making a profit of $88. Not bad for the first time. Paul, being the more experienced and bigger gambler, walked away with winnings of $375.

So I had a great weekend, followed by a crappy Wednesday. That's life for ya.


MostlyModest said...

Awesome shot of Joe on the swing thing. And congrats on beating the house. I've never been able to say the same.

shannon said...

CRAPS! i love that name.

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