Thursday, February 17, 2005

2nd Interview

Alright!! I got the e-mail today and I'm confirmed for a second interview for the position of PA to Perry Rubenstein this saturday. My first interview, I thought, went extremely well. I really like this guy. He's straight up. He knows what he's looking for in a personal assistant and that makes my job that much easier. The job sounds like a lot of work, but work that I already know will be very rewarding. My duties would be comprised of your typical PA stuff, which for me, has always correlated to "do whatever he/she needs." If you don't know how to do something....LEARN, and learn fast. But in addition, I would also become the gallery's front man. I'm the guy who says hello to you when you walk in the door. I'm the guy who answers your questions.

Could you think of a better candidate? I love talking to people. I think another thing that swung me the second interview is that I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. Meaning, if they need a wall spackled, I'll spackle it. If they need someone to help package and handle some art, I'm your man. Pretty much anything I can do to make the gallery run smoother.

Added bonus? I like the art. They have show everything from Oils on Acrylic, sculpture, photography, installation, animation, films. How cool is that? Check out the Gallery's website here.

Speaking of art.....I had the chance to swing by central park and check out Crisko's Gates......(totally not my joke, rights reserved by J. Vena). I had a blast. My sister and her friend Kristen came down and along with my trusty collaborator of all things good, Joe , as well as the ultimate badass bitch and one of my closest friends since grade school, Lindsay. It was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day for it. I like his stuff. It's surreal. He puts things where they shouldn't be. He wraps things in fabric, like ISLANDS. Christo....u so crazy.

I am including not my usual "art" photographs, but a snapshot that i took of a very sweet women. I took one with her camera, then one in mind. If you zoom in a litlle, you'll see some very interesting things going on in the background. We went up to the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to get a supposed "good view" which turned out to be totally bunk. But while we were there, we roamed for a few hours, and checked out some art. I saw a lot of great stuff. Some good contemporary, a cool chalk animation. Very inspiring.

Of course my favorite is this piece....a little art within art.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I miss Zhaan. Nice haircut, you smooth mf. I don't know how to access the photographs that aren't already posted. I'm tired of zooming to web pages. Do as I say.