Friday, February 11, 2005

My first BLOG

Well, I've done it. I've created a BLOG. Hurray for me and hurray for you, becuase now you can enter inside the wonderful world that is my brain. Don't you feel special?

Few things off the bat. I suck at typing. Sure I can pound out 55-65 wpm, but that's hunt and peck style, so be prepared to see a few typos. I'll do my best on spellchecking and I'll even start to learn how to type for real.....just for you.

I also like to make up words. Go with it. I am Mr. Malaprop. I often switch words, getting words confused with other words. I combine words to make new and exciting words. You want an example, hmmmm, lets see, FANTABULOUS. I've always liked that one. One of my more famous is DRAMASTICALLY. Now, I wish i could say I did this on purpose, but that would be a downright lie. Sometimes my brain just works too fast I guess (or...not fast enough?) and the result is always entertaining, let me assure you. Entertaining for others.

I won't bore you with the typical introductory paragraph of who I am and what I do. I believe there's a PROFILE setting for that. I'll be setting that up next. Along with playing with the template. Boy this is fun.

I promise you these will get more interesting once I'm in the flow. I'm using this as a launching project to get my ass motivated to update my website, which I would love to link here ............. but I don't know how to do that yet, so keep your pantyhose on. I'm OUT!


Marie said...

Welcome! to the wonderful world of talking about oneself on the internet! I've been going at it 3 years and counting, and get much satisfaction at letting people know what I think of them by directing them to something I wrote for the WORLD TO SEE!

YAY! Let's write, write, write! Everything! All the time! And watch people come by and read it (bunch of crazy bastards?)!

Anyway - Ian is a brilliant writer, a funny guy, and he does make a mean chicken parmesan. So this will be all worth it. This is in my bookmarks already :)

shannon bouillaud said...

hey man,
so cool of you to take the time to do this. i suppose it is better than trying to update everyone email by email. anyway, i hope all is well up there. i think i sent you an email with the latest news that i'm pregnant again. how funny is that.(to all the assured, it's not ian's)pascal and the new baby will be 3 weeks apart.sept.2, sept, 18. yes, we are the virgo family. i think your sister is the 2nd? anyway, enough about me, more about you....
love ya lots, and miss ya too,
ps, steve's latest graphics are in sky captain, taxi, and the new sin city with bruce willis. so cool!
orlando, FL

Auntie Dawn said...

Who the heck is MArie? And how does She know what you chic. parm tastes like?
I can't believe you spelled Brooklyn wrong.
Love Ya anyway.
Auntie Dawn

Anonymous said...

How bout you write something worth reading?

Love Z

p.s. I didn't know what a blog was,

Cousin Janie said...

CRrAzY Uncle Ian sure does make a mean chicken parm, but his spaghetti and meatballs are pretty kick ass, too. A fab photog who still hasn't come hame to photograph his beautiful cousins Violet and Janie yet!!! Just so you know big guy, SHE'S 3 MONTHS OLD ALREADY. Someone's not keeping up their end of the visitation deal. Anyway, she gave props to the barista screening by wearing her outfit on that day. At least someone keeps a deal around here.

Anonymous said...

I think you having a blog is a great idea. I'll be checking in on you on a regular basis. #1

Ian savage said...

thanks anonymous #2. feel free to step inside my brain anytime (closed on Mondays)