Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Gates 2.12.05 Posted by Hello


Auntie Dawn said...

OK, so I don't know Jack Shit ( or is that Joe Shit) about art. But if that pic is any indication of what you'll be dealing with (that's if you get the job ), one wouldn't think you'ld need much of a brain to work there.
So I suppose it's good you gave the map to find yours.
If you shave the rest of that stuff off your face, someone might notice the face that goes with the hair. We all know first impressions are so important. Then again, facial hair is art. Brandon has been working on his canvas for half a year. My VOTE.......the beard goes !!!!!!
If you get the job does that means we get free lunch somewhere?
Don't forget me...
Auntie Dawn

Ian Savage said...

Dearest Aunt Dawn,

HaHAAA. Good comment, but there seems to be a bit of confusion, due to my amateur knowledge of the workings of the blog. The picture entitled, Joe IS Art, if that is the one your referring to, was supposed to be at the bottom of the post. I didn't really want them posted seperatley. I wanted them inside the post like the one below, with my pic.

But the photo I believe your talking about, is in fact, taken in the contemporary art section of the MET, and not the Pery Rubenstein Gallery. Did you check out the link for the gallery??? I think you'd like one of there current exhibits. It's a sculpture, where a butterfly is landing on a block of wood and it's tipping over. Click the "Current" Box on main page.

Bob Jingle said...

But who is that girl stealing all the focus from four goofs? That is the real tragedy.