Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jean Louis David


Trying to figure out how to post my photo in profile. Not quite there, as you can see. But I did figure out how to post photo's in the blog, EASY. This is me in between shaving off my beard for my first job interview since November 2004 (more on the interview tomorrow perhaps). I'm not usually a goatee man, but I chose this picture for it's obvious brain motif. AND, this is the best haircut EVER. I'm big on Jean-Louis David. Sure, it cost more than your $8 Butcher....I mean BARBER, but for $22.50, the wash and head massage are totally worth it, not to mention the haircut.

Apparently, this cannot be considered a universal feeling. Some people out there might even consider them dangerous. Sure, that incident is upsetting, but will I condemn all employees of the chain for this one act, certainly not.

But hey, I won "Best Hair" in highschool, what do I know?


Bob Jingle said...

Your hair looks great but why did you take that photo in front of that awful yellow background?

Marie said...


So, instead of a poet you look like a hipster - but both looks are flattering, even if i did think your brain was much hairier than that.


Anonymous said...

I"m just jealous you have a full head of hair and I continue to lose mine. #1