Sunday, February 27, 2005

Deep down inside...I'm really a Warlock

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Most that know me, know I'm a "gamer". I game. I really enjoy losing myself in a good game. I also believe that video games are quickly moving to the forefront of entertainment. Every year the game industry makes billions of dollars. The amount of people who own consoles or play pc games increases exponetially every year. Some of these games are as close to virtual reality as we are going to get for a while (for $50 anyway). Games are also slowly being recognized for what they are. Art. This year marked the second Video Game Awards. And while it still isn't being recognized as an Academy Awards for games, it's the step in the right direction.

One game in particular, World of Warcraft, has been occupying a lot of my time. I have HAD the time, still being unemployed. But inbetween job hunting and little side projects to keep me feeling productive, I have immersed myself in this MMORPG. That stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. I play this game along with thousands of others, (300,000 copies sold in the US only). I have played this game with people ranging from 15 to 60 yrs old, from all walks of life. This is interesting to me.

Now I know at this point I have probably lost some of you. "GAMES?!" you say, "what a waste of time." I don't feel this way. Because I have had the recent luxury to really immerse myself in this game. I have played for a total of 29 days. 696 hours. One whole month.

I started the game in a quiet town nestled in a forest glade, with nothing but tattered clothes, barefeet, and a stick to defend myself. But since then I have explored worlds that most will never see. Dark forests, burning craters, desolant lands, deserts, and snowy peaks. I have ventured deep into caverns that twist and wind far below the surface of the earth. I have killed monsters of all kinds like ogres, giants, and demons. At first I had to run everywhere to explore. But now I can fly or ride my horse. I have the abiltiy to harness the power of shadows and call forth a rain of fire. I can summon more than 5 kinds of demons to do my bidding. I can tailor my own clothes, and enchant items with magical powers. In short....I am a warlock.

I just wish more people would understand what these games have to offer. For thirty days I have explored and adventured in lands and places that most people will never see or know of. And I have had a blast the whole time. Just thought I'd share a bit of it with you.


Bernadette said...

Ian, I'm leaving a comment, write more blogs. I am also a gamer. My specialty is online card games, like thirteen.

Bob Jingle said...

Hey Bern, I thought you only played Freecell.

Anonymous said...

Dork. You pee on the wall, sometimes. I am not Susan

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bernzy, Write more blogs. I come home everyday and check you and Boob Jingle out.

Ian Savage said...

Not knowing who Anonymous is is driving me it someone i know? Or really someone anonymous? I do love a good secret....when I'm the one keepin it that is.