Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The moon is my bitch

Moon suicide Posted by Hello

After my 2nd interview (which went well) I strolled in and out of the galleries in the Chelsea area. Some interesting art in some, including one gallery showing very large nude prints of Pamlea Anderson, and when I say art I mean HOT.

Upon leaving I noticed the moon quite low in the sky. It was that time of day, approaching the magic hour, so I decided to make the moon my bitch for a while. I walked from the west side to the east allowing the moon to dip, slide and jump over the tops of buildings.

In an unprecedented astronomical event, and before my very eyes, the moon, tired of it's nightly reign and 2nd place in the sky decided to end it all and leap from the roof of a lower Manhattan penthouse, somewhere around Madison Ave and 23rd st. AND I caught it on "film"!

Let us observe a moment of silence for the moon. She will be sorely missed.

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