Tuesday, April 19, 2005

...except by donkey

That's Sue Posted by Hello

First, I'd like to thank all my friends that rallied to my side to make me feel better and provide me with outside opinions on the matter discussed in my recent blog.

But I feel, due to my feelings of the moment some of my text might have been misconstrued. And I do want to be fair. That lovely creature in the photo above is my previous girlfriend Sue. Some of you might know her. Now it's true she has found someone else as of late, and that they are visiting the area. And it is true that I offered my humble abode to their use. However, apparent in my little sister's comment, I see that I might have given the impression that this was requested. It was not. Now, this does not change how I felt at the moment of writing that blog. I know now, after further exploration of said feelings, that it is best that I do not meet this new guy, and I won't be doing so. I have no desire for it. And after a further discussion with my relationship guru, who I shall refer to as "Dirty D!", he seems to think that the comments in the previous blog at question, were more geared towards the "But why...would you offer this, you have no obligation to her...."

But don't I? I actually believe that I do have that obligation. I shared my life with Sue for almost three years. I care for her still, and would never wish her ill will. She was always kind and caring, and in the end, it was the best thing for both of us to seperate. I had become too focused on my own goals, and cared nothing for hers. She was homesick, and still in the process of solidifying her own life wishes. Our own aspirations seemed to be the divide between us which grew until it was no longer crossable....except for many days by donkey.

And I know at the end of it all...it was I who was the ASS, most of the time.

So I think, as long as I am not here, and I don't have to see this guy, I will let the offer stand. Because we shared this house once....and many other things which I won't forget. If I can help her out and give her a place to stay while she's here, I'd like to think it's the right thing to do.

She is, after all, a great gal.


Bob Jingle said...

Isn't the internet wonderful? Relationships fall apart and reconcile right before our keyboards.

Nice turnaround, Ian, but there is one thing that needs mentioning. How does "Dirty D," your roommate, feel about the possibility of guests and/or the loss of the silverware he's been using?

The Dirtiest said...

Really, I'm more concerned about the loss of silverware. It will really make gourmet meals such as toast, and PB&J (and other delights) more difficult to make.

Re: the guests, I'm not usually around so much, and all the good parts of my apartment are being whisked away right under my nose, so I'm not as concerened. BUT... I will neither clean nor put on pants for anybody.

Even Dirtier than Before said...

...although 5 days is kind of long.

AwP said...

Hey everyone hates me at this point so what the fuck... I think I should just stay there as well during those five days.. we can tape it as some kind of bizarre Ian's Blog Reality Show. Uncomfortable silence, feelings of betrayal, etc. It could be a huge hit on Bravo.

By the way, thanks to Susan for revealing my identity on the other posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, AWP, no problem. Sorry. Somthing about Central Park must have weakened the filters on my discretion. Although I must say, identities on this site have not, of late, been particularly anonymous.

For example, my picture. Oh, and all of Ran's info. Much obliged.
For additional clarification, Dirty D, I will not compromise your integrity (nor your leg nudity) by staying at your place. I will however, given the opportunity, take with me a few of the items that are mine. I've given you lots of nice things, and there are just a few that are important to me that I left with you in order to avoid any additional inconvenience upon my going away.

Wow. You guys are really hurting my feelings. One would think I could avoid the temptation of returning to this site, but you know, you talk about me.


Bob Jingle said...

For the record, I think this whole thing is in very poor taste.

I've got no problem with Susan, I've no problem with Ian, I don't even have a problem with Ran (to where?). But all of these comments and hurt feelings seem a little childish to me. Ian has a right to share his feelings any way he wants to. Susan has the right to respond with her own feelings. But just because you have the right to do so, it doesn't mean you should. Would I be correct in assuming that the situation's tension was escalated as soon as it became public here on this blog? And wouldn't it have been more constructive to speak of your feelings without the scurtiny of me, Prior, Dirty D, Shawn, Marie, Mark and the rest of world?

I also agree with Susan, names and pictures should not be posted without the party's consent. I'm sure there's legal precedent for that somewhere, right Counsel? (that's you Prior)

Susan said...

Mr. Jingle,

I concur and I conclude.


Ian Savage said...

I can see, that posting my true feelings in such an explicit manner, while making me feel better initially, had the repercussions of making someone else, feel worse.

So I have concluded that I shall hence forward not be so specific in who I am talking about, if at all. I shall revert to my former, general feelings of the day style, and if anyone is mentioned, it will be cleverly coded.

shannon bouillaud said...

looks like your internet journal has come to an end regarding those true feelings that you began letting out. i guess it's considered "sharing" so you have to think twice about what you are sharing. none of that self help here...gotta keep it to yourself due to the overwhelming responce of those unhappy readers. maybe you should make 2 blogs or even more with ratings. that way if someone chooses to enter you are not responsible for their reaction, although everyone is entitled to their opinion. just make the journals into short films with ratings. change the names and put pictures of what the person means to you instead of the actual photograph. you're a photographer! you can come up with some "meaningful shots" for replacements. the reader may recognize the symbol, which can be a nice way of communicating to them with discretion. anyway..just rambling.