Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I want some OFFSPRING too!

Violet Dove + Mom Posted by Hello

I'm pretty sure having a child is going to be the highlight of my life. I have always wanted children, actually, I have always wanted children pretty badly. You know what would be ideal? If my future wife had a job she was really commited too, that paid some good cash and I got to stay home with the kids. I want to be Mr. Mom. 220, 221, whatever it TAKES!

I am extremely jealous of my cousin Jane. That's her up top there, with my new favorite family member, Violet Dove Scott-Lavezoli. How's THAT for a name!! I got to spend a full day with her this weekend, and it was awesome! I got to feed her, burp her, put her to sleep ( which apparently is a dificult thing to do cold ) keep her entertained.....we even had a false alarm poopy diaper!!

She was like, the best puzzle in the world. I mean, your child can't communicate except to cry, fuss, laugh, blow spit bubbles.....belch. That's their language. But there are different sounds to it, nuances. This elongated whine....that means she's hungry. Getting fussy and making, uh, uh, sounds, rubbing here eyes in your shoulder......you guessed it....she's tired. Time for a nap. After the nap she's hungry, then she gets a bit fussy.....that's where the burpin comes in. If she isn't tired, or hungry, she probably needs to be changed......or you make funny faces at her until she laughs and drools to great joy. I preferred the latter.

My friend Shannon has a 6 month old, Pascal, (probably closer to 7 now) and we both got Web Cams, so I can see him....and HE can see ME too. Now that's DAMN cool. He's in Florida, and I can make funny faces, and the kid will actually laugh. Who out there is saying technology is bad? I'll argue that one. What a great way for friends and family to keep in touch. OHHHHHHH! that reminds me. I've been wanting to post this website on HAND ACTING. The video section had me rolling with laughter, it's really amazing what they can do. It's hard tho, I tried some of it. Not as easy as it looks, it would take some training fo SHO!

I am also, REALLY going to put more effort into the blogging. I got some good advice yesterday from a pro blogger. Just keep on it....if you don't keep on it, people wont come back often or at all. He's in the works for a BOOK deal.....that's a shout out to all of you out there who say blogs are ridiculous!! This guy is gonna make money on it! Granted, that's what he does...he's a writer. But let's not discourage ourselves. I've read his blog (not as religously as I could have) It's hilarious. I can't wait for the book.

I'm feeling the blog start to rant a bit. As BOOB JINGLE has commented, I type as fast as my brain thinks. I think what he was talking about, was I sometimes think very fast, I get caught away in a thought....I digress very easily and to great speed.

I'm going to go get a cookie.


Bob Jingle said...

I want babies too. Can I buy Jane's? How much, $250? A STEAL!

By the way, I'm an executive for a major publishing company and I'd like to give you a book deal...

Cookie Monster said...

About that cookie...

They are only for sometimes. C is for Carrots too.