Monday, April 18, 2005


I don't like Monday's.

After 6 weeks of working at a job that has provided me with only promises of payment, a lot of work, and the expense of a new computer, I'm finally beginning to get annoyed. I like this job, I do. Because the oppotunity to travel to places I would have no other way of seeing for quite some time is TOO great to pass up.

I thought about baggin it today though. I really did. I thought to myself, just quit today and go sit in the park. I could get a job that meant nothing except money and be happier. But I didn't, Instead I went into work earlier, so I could leave earlier. I have come to far in this to just quit. The contract is signed, the invoice for payment is out there (somewhere) so It shouldn't be that much longer. One more month of hard, excrutiatingly complex work, and I should be on the cusp of leaving the country on and off for the next 5 months, going to places like Iceland, Belize, Africa, and Thailand.

So yeah.....I'm sticking it out. Even if I just get to go to a few of them, it's worth it. When would I have the opportunity other than this to go to all those places? Not for a long time, if ever.

But I still don't like Monday's


Marie said...

God, I have been wanting to nap since I got here at 8AM.

I have no dreams of Brazil to keep me awake or even alert, or on days like this, maybe even alive!

Mondays are so brazenly drab, someone should cancel them all.

Good luck. Tons of cheers to you :)

Bob Jingle said...

Mmm, 80s song. "I don't like mondays." Seems apt here.

We all slough through our days at our respective day jobs, hating all days but Mondays more than any other day. Why do we subject ourselves to this monotony? The only consolation is of course the paycheck we receive every week.

But you don't even have THAT.