Tuesday, January 08, 2008

By Jove! ANOTHER post!

A few months back my good friend Casimir Nozkowski and I hopped on the subway to film empty bottles rolling around. He thought, and I agreed, that it was an extremely interesting phenomona worthing of capturing. The footage sat on a dusty shelf for a while until good ol Cas was inspired to cut the footage to a song he heard. This is that video:

And today it was featured on BoingBoing,net

Hooray for us!


Greg Tito said...

You Planted that Bottle!

Ian Savage said...

Well....the chances of randomly finding a lone bottle on all of the subways on a given day are pretty low. So we "introduced" our own bottle.

But i promise you, once it was set free, we did not manipulate said bottle.

Andrew said...

Wow - BoingBoing is big time. Well done.