Monday, January 14, 2008

More Poltergeist Madness

So a few days ago, I wrote about watching Poltergeist and I got an email from a guy who runs a Poltergeist fan website.

This led to a view links which i thought I would share with you. First is this Behind the Scenes featurette. Which kind of makes me mad, because I just bought the 25th anniversary DVD and this was not included. It appears to be included on SOME DVD? What gives? It does have some great footage showing how they did the lighting effects and the scene where JoBeth Williams gets tossed around her bedroom:

Then I watched this E! True Hollywood Story about the curse of Poltergeist, which isn't so much about the entire curse, but focuses more on the tragic loss of Heather O'Rourke:

Here is a very creative Remix of footage and sound bites taken from the movie. Too bad youtube makes everything pixelated and the quality is poor, but it is still very creative:

Then there is this Trailer for Poltergeist filmed with Legos. At first I was unimpressed thinking, I can do that better. But that fact remains that they did it and I didn't. What made it really cool is seeing them compare their take to the original trailer, which I found made the piece more enjoyable:

So when you start watching all these, you begin to find related videos on You Tube of the nature of "REAL poltergeist footage" "real ghosts, genuine, 100% not fake." It is difficult to say that these videos are real or not. They are so pixelated it is hard to scrutinize the use of wires or effects. But here are a few of the REAL category:

Once you finish going through those videos, you start coming across a few different categories of ghost related videos. The ghost spoof video, the scare the shit out of me video, and the Are you kidding me are you THAT DUMB video. I let you decide which is which:

And this one, you gotta be kidding me! Clean your windshield your not fooling anyone:

I'm sure you will all remember this Viral Internet Hit:

Anyway, you get the idea. Most of these videos have thousands of hits, some close to 1,000,000, just because they say "ghost" in them. Amazing, simply amazing. The range is pretty wide. I like the ones where people do a good job of mimicking the shot of nothing for a while and then walk through with a sheet over their heads. Many of these end with the person falling. People are silly.

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