Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A continuing discussion on the 30 second spot

Well, sometimes longer than 30 second, but that seems to be the average. They always cut together like a 30-sec, 45-sec and full min of the same spot. I am just fascinated with commercials these days. There are quite a few smart campaigns out there right now. Kia is doing a great job with some very original spots, this is poor quality, but it's one of the most recent ones and I think it's great:

I can't tell you how many times, not owning a car of my own, having borrowed a car or rented a car I myself have pulled up to the gas station and been like, "wait, WHICH side is it on." I'm sure I'm not the only one, so I think it has wide appeal. These two are also quite good:


I like the 30 sceond spot above, better than the full minute spot.

Very well shot and directed. It taps into that situation where I think anyone who has driven a car can identify with, trying to find a spot at the mall or grocery store. Have you ever slowly "stalked" people as they are leaving? That's how you get the good spots. Of course I'm sure you've all seen the MOST DOWNLOADED car commercial in history, that took 3 months, 606 takes and six million dollars to produce:

Here's the Making of that spot

Another good campaign going on is Burger Kings campaign, filmed using Hidden camera's and REAL customers. Just hilarious the reactions. Can't seem to imbed the one I like the most, only this documnetary, but the spot titled MONTAGE under Day 2 is my fave:

Here is a commercial that I also enjoy, on a softer, more emotional, "isn't that cute level". Use of music of course is key here, not to mention good casting on the little tyke:

And I've always enjoyed the cinema Verite feel of these Kleenex spots. The editing is superb:

They have UK versions as well, but I prefer the little bald guy better...something about his image that I like, non-intimidating I suppose. They also have user uploaded videos on their site, which is interesting, some (a kid with snot running out of his nose) I can see the relevance. But "cute baby splashing in a tub" doesn't say Kleenex to me at all, no matter how cute. Their campaign reminds me of that Free Hugs Campaign a while back, which was also well-done:

1,206,869 views on You Tube and over 1,800 comments. Impressive. Quite a few copies in other locations as well, all over the world. truly a movement, and the guy was on Opera.

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