Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Childhood Photos and Butt packs

So I made a photo slideshow of some childhood photos of my fiance and I to put on our Wedding Website you can watch it below:

Man we were cute.

On another more random note, I've been pondering this for a while. Remember when Fanny Packs were cool?


Yeah, neither do I. I remember Fanny Packs being specifically NOT cool, and really have nothing to do with the "Fanny" at all. I mean, are they supposed to be worn above the fanny or the groin? Where was the miscommunication? But I think you would all agree that they have been OUT for quite some time...and YET....what's this?


All of a sudden, you turn the fanny pack around to above your...well...FANNY and now it IS cool. Call it what you will, sports pack, butt pack, or a TRUE fanny pack, but any way you slice it, they seem to be BACK in style. I see tons of people wearing these in the city. And none of them are jogging. Maybe they were inspired by the military?


This is all very odd.

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