Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Year of the Rabbit

Yesterday I was picking up my laundry and I received a very robust "Happy Chinese New Year!" This year is The year of the Rabbit. It starts on February 7th. here in the states they take off one day. But in CHINA, they take off at least 7 days, if not 15! Poor Chinese in the States, our capitalist virtues keep them from being able to shut down to celebrate their holiday like they should.

And did you know the FRENCH all get Five weeks off and they usually take it off all at the same time, so business are closed for an entire month or more!

Don't even get me started on FOREIGN HEALTHCARE!


Rain Delay said...

rat dude... year of the Rat.

Ian Savage said...

I didn't even double check, as the Chinese natives told me it was the year of the rabbit.

But low and behold...RAT it is!

What is going on here? they don't know?