Thursday, January 17, 2008

Macbook Air, Ethan Coen and Phil Trager

I am a big supporter of Apple. I own three Mac's myself, a Mac Pro Tower I use for editing, my workhorse Black Macbook, and an old G4 Powerbook as a back-up, emergency machine. Not to mention a new I-phone and my old trusty 40GB I-pod , which they don't even make anymore and has really become obsolete, but it's still kicking it.

So of course, every few months Apple releases their new and improved, better than before, exciting new system. Recently they released their Macbook Air.

Now again, I'm a huge Apple supporter. But guys, guys, GUYS! You lost me on this one. Here's what's cool about it. It's super lite (3lbs). It's super thin (less than an inch). and it has a multi-touch pad, that enables you to do cool things like the I-phone does. And it can wirelessly connect to other optical drives. Neat.

Here's what's totally UNCOOL about it. It can wirelessly connect to other optical drives. I can only imagine the snail pace of those downloads and connections, but I can't back that up it's just a hunch. But man, the thing has NO DRIVE. No burning CD's or DVD's or reading them. You have to get an external optical drive.....BOOO!
It has only three ports. One for a headphone jack, one for external monitors and such, and ONE USB port. I don't know about YOU, but i need MORE PORTS, baby! A single USB port aint gonna cut it.

So at $1799, only $200 less than the Macbook Pro, I'm gonna say this is an overpriced, fancy paperwight for rich people. I can think of SOME instances where it might be right for the right person, let's say, someone who is doing extensive travel and doesn't really DO a lot on the computer. But if your eating, breathing and sleeping with your computers like I do, this would be like being married, having an affair with another woman, and she wasn't even super hot.

On a totally different topic, Ethan Coen has written a collection of three plays, the evening is titled, "Almost an Evening," and is playing through Feb.10th at Atlantic Theatre Company. Click on his photo below to read the article from the NY Times. It's sold out, but you can stand in line for tickets:

Ethan Coen

In a bizarre coincidence, displayed right next to his plays on the website is a Musical called Spring Awakening, choreographed by Bill T. Jones of whom has been photographed by Phil Trager for whom I ALSO worked for, right out of College. Weird. Click on the image to see more of his work:


I printed some of these images in the darkroom with him! Remember Dark rooms?!

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