Thursday, December 21, 2006

Longest day EVER

On Monday I had an extremely long day. Gigi, Rocketboom's new production coordinator and I headed up to Deer Park, NY, leaving Penn Station at 9am to do a story on Ice Sculpting:

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It was a lot of fun. Upon arriving back into NY at 3pm I rushed to the ITP exhibition at NYU. Drew and I surveyed a lot of amazing graduate student projects, some were featured in this rocketboom epsiode.

I was amazed by a lot of the stuff. Here's a funny shot of one of the projects, the "talking to yourself hat" click on the photo to see a few more:

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Now it's about 7pm, and I'm walking back to the studio to drop of the footage of ITP for the editor to begin cutting it together. I pass a store that I always want to go in, but never seem to remember that when it's open, don't know the name of it, but it's on 21st st., between 5th and 6th Ave, right near our studio:

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I would like to buy something there someday. Then across the street I hear a familiar noise that makes me cringe, "TERRY, TERRY OVER HERE! TO YOUR RIGHT! LOOK HERE TERRY....OVER HERE!"

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That's right, the sound of the paparazzi. I can't stand them. Their screaming, their whiny voices, their selfish attitude that they and they alone own the right to stand on a sidewalk and take photos. I was curious, I'M ALWAYS curious, as to who and what they are snapping at. I will even, quietly, calmly, raise my hand above my head in hopes to get some semblance of a shot of whomever it is.....but just for fun. Now, I saddled up to the side of the building, Duvet, again, across the street from our studio, and watched these crazed fiends drool over an actress/model that I was unfamiliar with. But what I was interested in most, was them. so I snapped one flash mind you, and they yell to me, "NO PHOTOS!" my mouth dropped.

You know what I did.....I took photo, after photo, after photo, just for the sake of saying (without actually talking), "hey you JERKS, you don't own the sidewalk, nor the right to photograph on the street, I, IAN SAVAGE, will take a photo of WHATEVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE." All this was accomplished with a simple push of a button. I walked away smiling. Knowing that i would not be followed for they dare not leave their precious post.

I dropped the footage off at the studio, imported it with the editor, walked out at 8pm, and realized, MAN, this has been a long day, I think I need a COCKTAIL! and that's when i stumbled across a new little gem, the The Lonesome Dove......worthy of a seperate post, coming right now!


dan said...
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Tim said...

I have been a Rocketboom subscriber for quite a while. Greg said you were doing some work with Rocketboom but it was a surprise to actually see you in yesterday's episode! Nice ice sculpture by the way ;-)