Thursday, December 14, 2006

Photo Essay of a Day in December

Shoot, I lapsed again. I get so many ideas for Blogs but have been scrambling around like a chicken with it's.....awww you know the phrase. Anyhoo, to make up for my lapse I have decided today to post a photo essay of sorts. Day in the life style. Click on the Photos for their relevant link! here we go.

So for Rocketboom, I need to be connected to the world wide web 24/7, in order to be able to approve rough cuts of the edits remotely. There have been a few cases where I haven't been near any wifi and thus, the editor had to wait on me. SOOOO, after having a lame, regular, STUPID phone I have had to upgrade to a new and improved, SMART phone. I have joined the Blackberry front.

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Noooo....that thing around my neck is NOT a result from technological whiplash, I think I slept on it wrong, it's actually been plagueing me for two weeks now, this stiff neck. I don't have an electric heat pad, so i had to buy some of THESE which is what I'm wearing. If anyone has a cure for stiff neck, please let me know.

Moving On

Every year I do most of my shopping at the Union Square Holiday Market and the Virgin Records across the street. Not only have is it extremeley convenient, and always succesful, but it makes for a heck of a nice holiday day. The Market, both Holiday and Farmer at Union Square always provides endless entertainment. Such as this:

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I had no idea there was such a thing, let alone it was a seasonal treat....."enjoy the little pearl of pure garlic!"
Keeping with the theme of Veggies, I also took note of this wonder:

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Apparently it is very good....wit BUTTER. But hey, isn't everything good with Butter. I like brussel sprouts with butter.
Continuing through the farmer's market I was struck with an image that transported me instantly to my childhood:

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I have the first season of Fraggle Rock on DVD, so if anyone needs to get me a Christmas present....I'll hold off on getting this. The themes and messages in this show are still, if not more relevant today. Jim Henson knew even then how important it would be to create a show that spanned the globe. In fact, it was the first show created in the US to be translated in Russian. i could go on and on about Fraggle Rock, but maybe another day.

But oddly enough, after I visited my childhood in the form of visions of doozer towers and song, I came across this booth that was most amusing, yet......

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CREEPY! They are just so still and motionless, with their mouths open and gaping.... I felt that they were watching me. i shuddered. Ok, so I bought some stuff at the market and left. I was close to the temporary Rocketboom office, so i decided to stop in and say hello.

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here we have Boom. The last remaining pet of our beloved trio Rocket, Boom, and Dot Com. I am looking into how to optimally care for goldfish so we can keep this guy going. Again, if anyone is wise in these matters, let me know. I love our temporary office. You walk into the lobby and the two men behind the desk have set up speakers, facing out, playing only the BEST Christmas album in the world, A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you don't own this album, please, spend the $7 and pick it up, you won't regret it. It instantly fills me with the holiday spirit. I thank Dale and Kevin everyday for playing non-stop. They are Brave men.....brave...but Wise.

So I leave the offices, and as it is with me, Mr. Impulse, I veered into one of my most favorite stores (without even thinking of it) and in under 5 minutes was walking out with a new bag.

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I have a thing with bags. I believe one must have a plethora of bags for many occasions. Sometimes I want a real small bag, to carry wallet, keys, phone, journal, and a pen. Sometimes I need a larger bag, to carry a laptop, a book, Ipod, and headphones. And sometimes I have a lot of camera gear and a tripod and I need an even BIGGER bag. Well whatver you need, the Bag House is the place to go. My mouth drools just thinking about all their bounty. Cause I am carrying around my laptop and digital camera everyday, i felt I needed to recruit a new soldier into my bag army. So I got, appropriately The Blogger. I'm quite pleased with it.

And finally, I will leave you with this. I saw it from across the street, as i was exiting said Bag House:

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I've never thought of Mrs. Clause as being a sex symbol. But like I said, it caught my eye.

The End :)

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