Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Nephew

I have a brand spankin new nephew. I mean NEWWWWW. Like two weeks new. Check him out:

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God DAMN aint he feakin so cute. This is as close to a smile as I believe he can achieve right now. Other than eating, sleeping and pooping, with an occasional spit up or bought of hiccups, that's about all a newborn can do for the first month. I find it crazy that they can only focus on things that are within 8 to 12 inches from their face. Being new must be hard. I was also mildly obsessed with the size of his fingers:

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He was born while I was in Park City, Utah, so I went ahead and got him a present. What could be cuter and MANLIER, than this:

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That's RIGHT! A fur bomber hat, complete with matching booties. Sheila also got him his first pair of work boots, also cute....er.....I mean MANLY!

For a rocketboom episode the next day, after seeing him, I had to create a T-shirt for Joanne to wear. I went to staples and picked up a packet of these nifty things. I needed to test them before I used it for the show and that's when i got this brainstorm:

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Pretty funny right? I was overly impressed with the ease and simplicity of creating your own shirt. Very pleased with the end result. It was less than 12 hours after the photo was taken and the actual process was about 5 minutes altogether, once I had the photo ready.

And finally for today, I invite you to behold a sight that I had never seen before:

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An EMPTY PLANE. It was very weird I tell you, to be sitting on the plane, just about four of us witnessing the forbidden ritual of cleaning and sweeping and re-stocking the food. We looked around and luckily there were no snakes to be found. phew.

Click on the photo to see more of our last night at Sundance and our ride home.


Andrew said...

Congrats Ian. I assume by "nephew" that you mean "illegitmate son--curse you damn flirty spring hookup girl"?

Anonymous said...

With my first new-born, I was obsessed with the fact that by blowing in his face I could take his breath away and he would gasp for air. I'd do it for hours at a time when his mother wasn't around and laugh every time. He seems to be okay and is living a normal life with no apparent side effects.