Friday, February 16, 2007

Romance Week Day 2: Crisis Averted

It's been a LONG week my friends. Work has been running me ragged, I have wanted to keep you updated on Romance Week everyday, but your just gonna have to be happy with several posts in one day. So here goes, Day Two of Romance Week started with a bang, literally. You guys ever see that Geico commercial about the tiny house?

Well, my ladies kitchen is just like that...except SMALLER. I do not exagerate. Her cupboards are the equivalent of a labyrinth like puzzle, where every bowl, cup and tool fits EXACTLY inside something else, in something else, in something else. You get the idea. So when we need to use the stove, we pile the ohhhhhh...let's say a dozen or so things that live in the stove when it's off, on top of the toster oven, which sits on top of the refrigerator. This system has obviously worked for a long time. But in the midst of cooking my girl this delicious dish of Beef Wellington WITH Borderlaise Sauce:

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I opened the door to the fridge and the stack came crashing down onto the stove, uprooting the boiling pot of water and breaking a pizza stone. It was a mess, and could have been a disaster. If either one of us was standing in front of the stove, we could have been seriously burned.

The movie for RW D2 was:

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It was a nice Love story, but quite sad. We decided the next night we would watch something more uplifting.


Sheila said...

Very apt description of my kitchen, aka the closet where I keep my kitchen.

Ian Savage said...

The Cubbyhole INSIDE ANOTHER Cubbyhole that is your kitchen :)