Monday, February 12, 2007

Romance Week

Sheila and I have dubbed this week to be "Romance Week." Instead of just celebrating on Valentine's Day, we are celebrating Romance Week from Sunday to Sunday. Each night we watch a romantic film, on Wednesday we will watch a film that niether of us has ever seen, but the other nights we watch films that the we have picked as some of our favorite love stories on film. The film last night was Steven Spielberg's, "Always." A wonderful love story, by one of my fave directors:

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Another element to Romance Week, is that we take turns making each other dinner. Our great love makes you vomit, I know, but I don't care, I'm sharing with you anyways. Speaking of sharing and food, check this out:

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Now tell me that's not just EGGtastic! On Saturday we celebrated a close friends 30th Birthday. It was a Martini Party and fun was had by all. I brought all the fixins to make Espresso Martini's. If you follow this recipe, you can't go wrong. Check out these fun photos of the evening, where we all tried on Erin's big sunglasses:

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And finally, here is a REALLY funny series I found on You Tube, Mr. Deity:

I loved every episode.


Sheila said...

Tonight, I suggest we watch Love Story, starring Ryan O'Neal before he started shooting guns at his kids.

Ian Savage said...

ok, we will!

Bob Jingle said...

Tonight I suggest you guys do it. Then tape it. Then watch yourselves doing it. Then tape yourselves watching yourselves doing it and post it on Youtube.

It will be hilarious, trust me.

Rain Delay said...

And then send me a copy. I dig on that shizzle.