Friday, February 16, 2007

Romance Week Day 6 : It's a bust

I've been up since 6 am and it is now.......11:34 in the pm. I've still got maybe an hour to two here in the office, maybe another hour of work at home.

Alas, RW Day 6 is a bust. That's three nights in a row with no "great love story" movies watched. But we're going to finish off RW tomorrow with a brunch and a matinee movie on the couch! Whoopee! Then we're heading off to CT for the day. I'm looking forward to a 24 hour block of time not surrounded by steel.

I have never put together a piece as fast as I did this morning, it was record time for me. The piece got nixed, but I liked it so much, I changed the titles and put it up on my You Tube. Part of the reason it got nixed had to do with copyrights, which of course don't apply to me personally, as I am not personally a commercial entity (phew). The footage of planes and inside the plane is mine, and the stills I grabbed from google Images. The footage of lightning and tornados I snaked off of You Tube using a program called Snapz Pro 2.

Comments and ratings are always appreciated:


Andrew said...

Well done, sir. Where did you get the soundtrack?

Ian Savage said...

i made it myself, from sound fx from here:

Anonymous said...

I think I can name that "crier"

Ian Savage said...

Can you? who?