Thursday, February 22, 2007

Romance Week : Reheated

We finally got around to watching the movie that was intended for Valentine's day:

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Which we watched while eating some defrosted and reheated Beef Wellington, which was amazingly still delicious:

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The movie was very sweet. Some interesting ideas about Time Travel and a great ending. This is the original "Back to the Future." I watched a brief special feature afterwards that cracked me up. There is a fan club called the International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts, INSITE

The Film came out in 1980, and the "fan club" began in 1990. What was interesting and amusing to me, was the founder relating that he was coming across other fans that "thought they were the only ones" who loved this film, so he posted an ad on a popular movie fan site of that day and received.....this is amazing....50....LETTERS from all over the world from people who felt the same. FIFTY....LETTERS? This is how our times have changed my friends. The club now boasts 1,600 members worldwide. Does anyone else feel the odd impact of this? Today, a hot chick on You Tube can get several million views in a snap. But back in 1990 people were still writing letters....on PAPER....with a PEN probably. Weird.

Remember my Keys of Responsibility? As of today I marvel at my increased key weight. Thirty Two keys in total:

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Yesterday I saw TWO movies during the day. I wanted to tell you about them, but first I want to ask you something. Has this ever happened to you?

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The theatre is prectically empty, ok. There are HUNDREDS of places to sit. So WHYYYYY, why in the name of GOD, would you choose to plop your fat head, directly in the seat in front of me? WHY? Are you kidding me? It's not just the fact that there are several other hundreds of places you could have sat, but you said to yourself, well, my ideal seat is front of this guy who has been sitting there for about 20 minutes unobstructed. He could have sat just ONE seat to the left and I wouldn't have minded. But NO. This Jack-off decided to sit directly in front of me. One of these days I am going to confront someone about this, I just know it. What goes in on their fat heads I wonder?

So first I saw:

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This website claims that it's the "#1 Family movie in America." Really? I thought it was terrible. It made me cry, twice, yes it did. The performances by the two kids and the Dad were pretty solid. Especially Josh Hutcherson. But come on! The power of Imagination, that's it? That's all there is to it? I believe in the power of imagination, but I wanted more. Maybe the preview should not have led me to believe that it was going to be jam packed awesomeness and rip-roaring special effects. It deals with the loss of life at a young age, which is a great lesson and theme, but then it throws in there some random and blatanly out of place statements on religion. BOOORRRIINNNGG. When I step into a theatre I want to be entertained, I want to be totally immersed in what I'm watching. In this, I was let down.

Then I saw:

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I "hear" it's getting bad reviews. That doesn't bother me, because I put Zero stock in reviewers. I'm told I just need to find the "right reviewer." Like picking out fruit at the grocery store. Find the reviewer that mimics my own tastes. And while I think that is probably true, I still don't care. The best reviewer is yourself. Go see it, and make your own informed judgement, that's what I say. Was the movie great? No, it wasn't great. Ahhhhh, but did I find it entertaining? I did. But that just comes down to my own personal tastes. I like demons and legends, action and special effects. The performances were luke warm at best, and the story weak I'm sure in comparison to the depth of the comic. Some people and I'm sure there are thousands will agree. But for me, if I find myself praising anything, an iconic shot, a well composed frame, an edgy action sequence, a climax of music at the right time, a cool effect, and my brain says, "cool." or "that was really nice." if I can accumulate a few of those moments, it will always tip the scale for me in it's favor, even if there was crap in there as well. But hey, that's just MY two cents on the thing.

Now, I want to be so bold as to give you something that I will say GUARENTEES entertainment. I can not stop watching this web series:

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if you haven't seen this yet, step out of your cave, sit down with some snacks, put your feet on your desk and prepare to laugh yourself silly. I cam across this article today, which links to a piece in the NY Times about generating revenue through various sites online including Revver, Metacafe,, Brightcove, DivX Stage6, and Cruxy.

Here is a great Interview with Askaninja creator, Kent Nichols that i found very informative into the nature of How do you do this. He goes on to name a few free sites to host the bandwith that might acrue if you do hit the big time like, ourmedia, feedburner, sitemeter and freevlog.

They also released a new Vlog called which I haven't watched yet, but will.

On a final note, Sheila and I will be going on vacation in nine days. I can't even express to you my excitement for this jaunt into a warmer, care-free world. And for once, it will be a vacation with no stress and no worries but, "should I have a Pina Colada or a Rum-Runner?" The island boasts a similarity to Mercury's winged heel, and i would have to agree. The island of Aruba:

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So you can look forward to some Blogs on that during our stay, March 3 to the 8th. Or you can spit in disgust because you are not there, either way is fine with me.


Rain Delay said...

I am glad to hear that Bridge atleast had some of the sadness that I remembered from my youth. I thought this film was mispackaged from the beginning, but then again, it's Disney, a company that is a master of deception.

Bob Jingle said...

Sure, that island looks like a winged sandal of the messenger God. Sure it does. And my ass looks a fucking hot dog bun. Or a chili dog bun as the case may be today.

Sheila said...

Somewhere in Time is a sweet movie.....and a great power nap inducer! Thanks Somewhere in Time! I feel so refreshed now!