Friday, February 16, 2007

Romance Week Day 5

So again, Thursday's RW 2007 festivities were thwarted by work. But we expect in a few years the entire nation will take RW off. Sheila donated blood and I went to film a video that i've done a few times now for the Lesley Heller Art Gallery. A gig that I really enjoy, check out her "Meet the Artist" links and you can see my handiwork, I've done the last two.

Sheila took me out to dinner, we went to Houston's. It was a bit corporate, but the food was pretty good. The loud frat boys, not so good. But my hearings not that great, so what do I care.

I also wanted to mention this guy....I met him at the Toy fair and he's one of my new best friends:

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THIS guy is gonna hook me up! He designed a home karaoke machine that not only connects to a standard DVD player, and is wireless, but god damn, it downloads all your I-pod stuff to! I had this idea 4 years ago, but just never followed through on it. I could be a millionare.....but at least he's gonna cut me a deal and sell me one, even though I'm not a wholesaler. He was a very nice guy.

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