Wednesday, February 07, 2007

what the HELL...ahhh...what the hell.

It is now...... 7:10 in the AM. I have been up for an hour. WHY? I don't know why. I just woke up, was completely awake, and felt completely refreshed. This is strange, for I am never ususally up BEFORE the sun:

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SEEEEEE! The sun wasn't even UP yet. Oh well, snapped this shot of the street, which was being dusted with a light snow, it's stopped for now:

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I figure I might as well do some work, so here I am, posting a fresh blog nugget for you.

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SUSAN BURG said...

hello....I got caught reading your blog and wonder if you could tell me how you got such nice images and podcasts here...? Must be imbedding and all your film experience then??

Susan in Italy